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 My Bowmore Pages

Dedicated to Bowmore Single Islay Malt Scotch Whisky. Contains pics of 500+ Bowmore Distillery bottlings. My "imaginary" digital Bowmore collection, online since August 20, 2002.  Due to a change of web hosting I changed/updated all links. Please let me know when you encounter a not working link. Thank you. sir.bowmore@planet.nl


Billiard ball Archives
A wide range of mostly 2.25 inch billiard ball sets that are in some of the greatest collections. With pictures featured of 750+ billiard ball sets.


My 600+ Pool balls
My 600+ collection of number #14 pool balls, and counting. A tribute to soccer legend and number #14 4ever Johan Cruyff (1947-2016).


My 700+ Bowling pins

My 700+ collection of Bowling pins made by AMF, QubicaAMF, Brunswick and more. In 2022 I sold 700 bowling pins and kept only a few.

Bowling pin permits
Official bowling pins have permit numbers since 1954, given by ABC, ABC/WIBC or USBC. Contains 250+ different permit numbers.


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